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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events do you cover?

While I may be capable of capturing your wedding, family reunion, or sporting event, I am not a high-end wedding photographer or family/group portrait photographer. I specialize in candid animal portraiture with a focus in fine art that generally includes the human and their animal.

How much do you charge?

You can expect to spend anywhere from $5 for a single image to $550 for a group.  Details of available investment packages are located on the "2023 Investments" page. Payment can be made by cash, Venmo, PayPal, or Apple Pay. 

How will I get my photos?

Your images will be delivered to you in a high-resolution, digital format through an online gallery. I will send you a link to your personal gallery when all of your available images are loaded.   

If your investment allows you to choose images you will see watermarked proofs in your gallery until you've made your selection. You will have 7 days from the time you receive access to your images to choose the number of photos specified in the investment details (located on the "2023 Investments" page of this website). If you are not able to make a selection within 7 days for whatever reason, please reach out to make arrangements with me. If I don't hear from you I will choose images for you and deliver them electronically in your online gallery.

You will have 30 days from the time your final images are posted in your gallery to download them. After 30 days I will securely archive your file to make room for other galleries.    

What programs do you use? 

I capture all images using RAW file formatting on my camera, and organize and edit using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. When exporting your images for your gallery I use a 16-bit, sRGB, JPEG file format.  

Did you happen to catch *insert pose/photo*?

Chances are I did not, or maybe I did and the image didn't meet my quality standard. It never hurts to ask. 

Can you print my photo for me? 

While I do not print images, I can certainly change image formatting for you during the editing process to meet most frame or printing requirements.       

What if I don't like any of my photos? 

I apologize if you dislike something about your photos. Because I am unable to individually sell your images to the public all purchases are final. The images I have captured and created for you are personal to you. Due to the nature of digital photography all sales are final. NO REFUNDS will be given because you, "don't like your selection". 

Please do everything within your power to be photo-ready on the day of our session.    

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